Review: Ysabeau S. Wilce – Flora’s Fury

So this is the end. I’m still hoping there will be more Flora Segunda books, although the author herself has said it won’t happen. As this charmingly original trilogy has been with me constantly over the last few weeks, it will be doubly difficult to leave that universe alone. But I hope that these reviews get some discussion going and make the world more aware of how wonderful Flora Segunda is.

by Ysabeau S. Wilce

Published by: Harcourt Children’s Books , 2012
ISBN: 015205409X
Pages: 517
Copy: hardcover
Series: Flora Segunda #3

My rating: 7/10

First sentence: Statement of Intent Magical Working No. 9

Flora’s Fury: How a Girl of Spirit and a Red Dog Confounded Their Friends, Astounded Their Enemies, and Learned the Importance of Packing Light

Despite her troublesome attraction to magick, Flora Fyrdraaca has — more or less — spent her life doing what’s been expected of her. Yet now, at sixteen, she knows that this path has been strewn with secrets. Secrets have kept her from following her passion of becoming a ranger, of perfecting her use of magick. But Flora has had enough of living with lies.

I’ve taken out a large chunk of the synopsis as it gives away the huge twist in book two and I want you to be able to read this review without having read any of the Flora books. Flora is sixteen now and works in the army. Her days are routine and mostly boring. But Flora has a plan and it leads her to an island entirely populated by criminals, through Elsewhere, to Fort Sandy in the south, where the heat is almost as oppressive as the threat of the Birdies is near.

Returning to Flora’s world has almost become natural to me and her first person narrative is a charming as ever – if slightly more inclined towards cursing. I adored being back with Flora, discovering what’s happened since the events of Flora’s Dare, and getting back to that wonderful red dog, Flynn. Her adventures take her out of Califa for the first time and while I enjoyed seeing more of this world, there was a slight lack of charm in this volume, compared to its predecessors.

That said, Flora’s travels also treat us to new characters, all well-defined and interesting in their own way. There is heartbreak along the way, as well as new friends, and while the main plotline didn’t keep me at the edge of my seat, there is no way you can not enjoy Flora’s narration. The author has created this full world with its own mythology – my favorite part is still the words and phrases used. People say “fike” when they’re angry, idiots are called “snapperheads”, and booze is “bug juice”. Such little details create a magic of their own.

It’s like Nini Mo said, They may be snapperheads, but they are my snapperheads.

I cannot stress enough how sad I am that this story is over (for now). While the story arc of this novel is closed and I even got to see a twist I’ve been waiting for since book one, there are still many loose ends to tie up. I would have loved to see more of Udo – you just got to love Udo and his fashion sense – and if it were up to me, Flora’s eccentric family would have been there with her during her travels. But Flora is also growing up and has to learn lessons on her own.

All things considered, it was a worthy third part of a series. Was it a worthy ending? No. I still have hope that more Flora books will be written and published. Hope is free, Nini Mo says.

THE GOOD: More of everything that was good in the first two books.
THE BAD: Unresolved plot threads, not enough time with some beloved characters.
THE VERDICT: Another fun adventure with the redheaded girl who loves her Nini Mo novels.
BONUS: Octohands (need I say more?)

RATING: 7/10  Very good

Flora Segunda:

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