Kerstin Gier – Ruby Red (The Movie)

I know that many people who come to my blog are looking for one of two things. The publication date of the third book in Kerstin Gier’s trilogy, Emerald Green (I can still only say Goodreads and Amazon list it as October 2013), or news about the upcoming German  movie of the first book, Ruby Red. The release date in Germany is March 14th and imdb lists another one for Russia. I still don’t know if the movie will be translated into English but if everything else fails, I’m sure you can buy the DVD with English subtitles. Do not despair.

gwen and gideon

Because it is a German movie and I’m a German speaker, I have sifted out some interesting movie clips, images, and tidbits from the interwebs. The links will all lead you to youtube, for your fangirl movie clip watching pleasure. Because I like you guys. And it’s Sunday…

Here is a clip of Gwendolyn/Gwyneth being dressed up by Madame Rossini.
I won’t translate the whole thing for you. The gist of it is that Madame Rossini calls herself a genius for incorporating modern fiber (light-weight stays) into an authentic Rokoko dress. When Gideon walks in, he calls Gwen “very authentic” and Madame Rossini loses it because he isn’t wearing his canary yellow tights and calls him a little rebel.

Have another clip, this time it’s Gideon picking Gwendolyn up in a limousine.
I especially like the two girls going “Oh God, he’s touching her. And now he’s kissing her.” Leslie, honest as she is, tells Gwen that on second glance, Gideon isn’t half bad to which Gwen replies “meh”.

This is Gwendolyn’s mother telling the Circle that she is, in fact, the Ruby.
Those of you who have read the book (I’m assuming that’s everyone) already know why it was Charlotte who got the time travel education and not Gwen. Gwen’s mother explains how they blackmailed the midwife to change Gwendolyn’s date of birth, in the hope that it was Charlotte who had inherited the time travel gene. Charlotte’s mother takes the moment to call Gwendolyn clumsy and her brain the size of a pea. Charming, right?

gwen and gideon kiss

Here is Gwendolyn being officially named the Ruby.
When she and Gideon walk in, she asks him not to leave her alone. They tell her she will find her particular magic but, Gwen being Gwen, she doubts them and wants to know what the mission is. If you know the books, you know they’re not going to give her much of an answer.

This is Gwen taking Gideon out to have Indian food.
It’s pretty self-explanatory. But I do like Gwen calling Gideon “The Diamond. The toughest of them all” when he chokes on his Tandoori chicken a second time.

Here’s my personal favorite. Gwen and Gideon meet for the first time.
In the opening shot, Gwen narrates how insane her family is, how Aunt Maddy likes all things supernatural, how Charlotte thinks of herself as the eight wonder of the world. Then Gideon mistakes her for a waitress. I think it is because of things like this that every girl who has ever been called clumsy can relate to Gwen (or Gwyneth, depending on the language you read the book in).

This is Gwen’s first time travel (not youtube).
Her Aunt Maddy sends her to get her lemon drops and Gwen, feeling dizzy and strange, falls down the stairs and ends up… well, a couple of centuries ago, being accused of trying to steal some bread.

charlottegwen and lesliegwen and gideon dancing

If you still haven’t had enough of Ruby Red, you can check out the trilogy’s Facebook page. I’m sure it will cover all the news.


24 thoughts on “Kerstin Gier – Ruby Red (The Movie)

  1. ME says:

    CRY CRY CRY!!!!! I’ve been looking everywhere and I can’t find it!!!! I’m going to learn German, go to Germany and buy the movie! I am not lying! Waaahhh!!!!! P.S, thankyou so much for putting up these clips and info!


  2. Haley says:

    Awwwwwww how do I know where to look? I seriously MUST see it! English translation or subtitles! I need it!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks by the way for giving us the information!


    • Nadine says:

      Hello there. I actually watched the movie and well… it’s okay, I suppose. The actress who plays Gwendolyn/Gwyneth is adorable in her own way but let’s not start talking about acting skills.

      All of you who are dying to see the movie: Don’t worry, the books are way better and you’re not particularly missing out if you never catch the movie. 😉


  3. gember88 says:

    I saw the movie. Although there are inconsistencies like how Gwen & Gideon met for the 1st time (personally I think this was a nice inclusion), and I really like who they’ve chosen to play Lesley, who the little ghost boy is supposed to be, the meeting with her grandfather, the absence of Xemerius etc, I thought it was a nice “sacharrine sweet & fluffy movie”. I haven’t read Emerald Green yet but is the ending of the movie a part from that last book? Or will there be a sequel to this movie? The secret is still not revealed, and I read there is an unexpected surprise on who the Count really is & Gwen has still to find out about her real parents (for those who’ve read the book this wouldn’t be much of a spoiler) I hope there will be a sequel and Xemerius will be included too.:) October is still a long wait, I might have to order the book translated in Dutch version for the time being 😉


    • Nadine says:

      Don’t worry, all secrets will be revealed in book three. The Count did indeed come as a surprise, Gwen’s parents not so much (if you’re an attentive reader). But there are more secrets whose revelation I didn’t expect.

      October is not so far away anymore. Soon you will know everything. 🙂 I’m curious what you think of the big ending. Even the epilogue gives you one last surprise. I closed the book with a big grin.


    • Nina says:

      Hi, I have read all the books (they are awesome, really) and the end of the first movie is not the end of the last book. But I think it has something to do with it, I’m not really sure. And I’m Dutch too! 🙂


  4. Kylee Black says:

    When will the Ruby Red movie come to America? And will it be in English? Because I am really DESPERATE for it to come out. And I love your work!!!


  5. Kylee Black says:

    I can’t find the movie either! I thought the movie comes out later this year to America, but if it has it defiantly didn’t reach Utah. Or Colorado. And is the movie in English?


  6. Julia says:

    Hey I´m from Germany and I saw the movie. The movie´s ok, because the book is so much different. But I like the movie very much because it´s so exiting. The location is only 20 kilometers away from me 🙂 I often was there with my family. That´s a famous sight of Thuringia/Germany. 😀


  7. Amanda says:

    Hello, I’m from Norway and I love the books, but I got quite disappointed by the movie. My friend and I decided to watch it together and we were so excited, but it wasn’t as we expected it to be. It was so different from the book, and so much they didn’t mention …


  8. ALINA says:

    Hello, i love her books i wish she wrote a 4th book of the ruby red series.(i read all 3 of the books) !!!!! IM SO EXCITED FOR THE MOVIE TO COME TO AMERICA!!!!!!


  9. Anonymous says:

    I love the movie and the books but never got to read Emerald Green……………..yet!!!!!!!! But Sapphire Blue comes out 7/8/14 8 days after my bday !!!!!


  10. Anonymous says:

    I saw the movie it’s amazing! I love the books too! So i’m wondering will there me another movie, there has to be, and when is it coming out?


  11. Anonymous says:

    The movie is a district 2, so even if you buy it with English subtitles you have to have something that plays district 2 movies. Just found out m computer does not


  12. Anonymous says:

    hey av watched the movie nd i luv it bt I av’nt read the book….where can i get it??…..oh nd wen is the other part of the movie coming out??……cant wait to read the book……and were can i get it to buy in Nigeria???….


  13. Joan says:

    Hey does anyone know where i can find the second movie saphire blue online dubbed to english ?? I heard that it came out this summer but i’ve been searching the web and still can’t find it for free in english :\


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