Theme of the Month: Fairy Tale Frenzy

It has been ages since I’ve done a theme of the month. But you know how these things can sneak up on you and suddenly you’re neck deep in a pile of books that all fit a certain theme. This time, it’s totally Neil Gaiman’s fault. With his “Snow, Glass, Apples” – a tiny little short story from the perspective of Snow White’s evil stepmother (not so evil, as it turns out) – he got me into the mood for all things fairy tale. I spent the last months on etsy and pinterest and Goodreads, roaming the internet for lesser known retellings of fairy tales, or well known retellings of lesser known fairy tales. The amount of erotica involving Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf is slightly disconcerting but I’m willing to give nearly everything a chance.

And because these things are much more fun when you turn them up to eleven, I am now kicking off this August’s reading theme and will dive even further into the subgenre.

fairy tale frenzy

I’ll add to the list below as the posts go out. Mostly (and true to this blog) I’ll be posting reviews of books and comic books. But nowadays, a comic book isn’t just a comic book and novels rarely come alone. So you’ll get at least one love letter to a video game, a post where I get girly, and a gushing presentation of my favorite fairy tale movies.

Let’s start  with a book that swept me off my feet with its charming heroines, narrative voice, and creative use of fairy tales.

Fairy Tale Frenzy posts

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