FTF Fashion: Dress Like a Book (Cover)

People who are as crazy about books as us book bloggers like to take all sorts of aspects from fiction into our real lives. So okay, we can’t have magic wands, or commute to work on a dragon, no unicorns in the backyard, and no manticores as neighbors. But there are some incredible, creative people on the internet who make collages of what they think their favorite characters would wear, based on actual descriptions of those characters, or – in some cases – based on the book cover.

Here’s a taste of fashion based on fairy tales and retellings. But trust me, there is so much more out there.

From fashion-by-the-book:

My favorites are Deathless, Tiger Lily, and The Snow Child. Some of the shoes look a little too dangerous for me and some outfits too shrill but I totally love the fashion-by-the-book blog. Even if we don’t go out and buy the suggested outfits, I have a lot of fun just looking at the loving detail that went into picking them.


Disneybound suggests outfits based on – surprise! – Disney characters. But seeing as Disney has had a tight grip on fairy tales for decades, it isn’t far fetched to visit this tumblr for tips. I adore the White Rabbit outfit. There are tons of Dorothy Gale outfits and a considerable amount of Mad Hatters but I’ve always had a soft spot for the side characters and I’m glad the White Rabbit gets his own outfit.

The same goes for Captain Hook and Mr. Smee from Peter Pan. Although Hook is always presented as a particularly fashionable guy, Tinkerbell seems to be the crowd favorite. And nobody seems to like Mr. Smee, especially when it comes to fashion advice. Except Disneybound and fashion-of-fandoms created some awesome outfits for both of them.

And here are a few more favorites that I picked out for their wearability. Some of the outfits above could only be worn to a dress-up party or if you’re really confident in your walking abilities. But these could be regular, everyday outfits. And only us book geeks would know the truth. I snuck in a few non-fairy tale related ones, just because I like them so much. (Most of these are by Fans and Fashions.)

If you still don’t have enough of bookish fashion, I made a Pinterest board with fairy tale fashion. If you klick on any of the pins, the internet will lead you on a downward spiral into the world of polyvore collages, fashion inspired by books and movies and tv shows… there’s no escape.

What characters inspire your outfits (if any) and who would you love to choose a modern outfit for? I’m torn but I got a serious thing going for underappreciated side characters. What about Red Riding Hood’s mother or the Huntsman from Snow White?

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