Matt Wallace – Pride’s Spell

Trust Sin du Jour to get me out of a reading slump. What with so many great and long-expected books coming out recently (the last Fairyland book, the last Raven Cycle book, tons of fantastic new stuff…) I had a bit of an overload or books and didn’t feel in the mood for anything. Except Matt Wallace’s novella, the third in his series about a catering service for the supernatural.

prides spell

by Matt Wallace

Published by:, 21st June 2016
Ebook: 240 pages
Series: Sin du Jour #3
My rating: 7/10

First sentence: The lights burn brighter than any layperson can imagine, but Bronko is used to sweating in kitchens far hotter than this studio.

The team at Sin du Jour—New York’s exclusive caterers-to-the-damned—find themselves up against their toughest challenge, yet when they’re lured out west to prepare a feast in the most forbidding place in America: Hollywood, where false gods rule supreme.
Meanwhile, back at home, Ritter is attacked at home by the strangest hit-squad the world has ever seen, and the team must pull out all the stops if they’re to prevent themselves from being offered up as the main course in a feast they normally provide
Starring: The Prince of Lies, Lena Tarr, Darren Vargas. With Byron Luck. Introducing: the Easter Bunny.


We all know something sinister is going on in Hollywood, right? I mean, why do the most vapid movies get three sequels when the best TV shows are cancelled after only one season (Firefly, I will never forget you!)? Matt Wallace knows what’s up in his latest Sin du Jour story which takes the crew to Los Angeles for a big catering event with surprisingly ordinary food. Well… ordinary by Hollywood standards, I suppose. There’s a vegan option for everything, the food has to correspond with all the famous people’s particular diets and whatnot, but there are no supernatural ingredients this time, so you’d think Ritter and his people would catch a break.

Except Ritter and the others who remained back home are all visited by, let’s call them interesting guests. It won’t spoil the fun when I tell you that the Easter Bunny and Santa Clause are not like you expect them to be. They offer a few very action-packed, hilarious chapters in which Ritter and Co. show just how awesome they are in the face of danger – even if that danger is so crazy you don’t know whether to laugh or grab a sword first. Hollywood, apart from all the insanity you’d expect anyway, also has some surprises in store for our kitchen heroes.

It’s a movie poster.
The title is Authority over Unclean Spirits and the one-sheet is dominated by an image of a very pretty actor the makeup department has tried very hard to make unpretty (which seemes ludicrous to Lena, among others, considering how many talented ugly people there already are in the world) kneeling in the mud in front of barbed wire, looking to the sky.

So while Bronko, Lena, and a handful of others are trying to survive Hollywood Hell (literally) and Ritter and his team fight off all sorts of creatures gone mad, there is actually quite a bit of character development going on. Lena is still a skeptic, despite having witnessed angels, goblins and horny lizard monsters. Her relationship with Darren has been strained ever since Lena started sort-of-dating-but-mostly-just-sleeping-with the sous chef Dorsky. He knows this relationship isn’t good, Lena knows it’s not good, we readers know it’s not good, at least not in the long run. But why not let Lena have some fun?  Matt Wallace doesn’t judge what his characters do, he simply offers up a situation and, through his characters, different perspectives on the situation. I like Lena, I like how she handles things, I totally get why she hooked up with Dorsky in the last book (it was a very heated moment, after all), and I also understand why Darren doesn’t like it. Considering the ethics of sleeping with a sort of superior from your work place already makes this a bad match, but then there are the vibes going on between Lena and Ritter. It’s a lot of fun to read about.

With the crew split apart between cities and the plots happening pretty much seperately from each other, the book doesn’t feel quite as fluid as the first two did. The back story for the Hollywood plot was a little neglected because I guess then the novella would have grown into a novel. With all the characters already introduced, Matt Wallace still had a lot of work showing the readers new settings and the scary dream world that is Bronko’s mind. He did a great job, although the story drifted more into horror territory than humor this time. I still can’t get enough of Sin du Jour and although I hope the next volume will be more focused (maybe not having all characters in each volume), I enjoyed reading this a lot.

MY RATING: 7/10 – Very good


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