Top Ten Tuesday – Top Ten Most Anticipated Releases For The Second Half Of The Year

It’s another great topic from The Broke and the Bookish. Their weekly Top Ten Tuesday is something I’d love to participate in all the time but sometimes I find it difficult coming up with 10 books (or any) for their chosen topic. Not this week though. Oh no, I have plenty of books on my wishlist, most of which haven’t come out yet. So here they are, my

Top Ten Most Anticipated Releases for the Second Half of 2016

N. Kobelisk gate. Jemisin – The Obelisk Gate

OH MY GOD GIVE IT TO ME NOW!!! I read The Fifth Season pretty late, just in time to nominated it for a Hugo Award but long past most other book bloggers out there. But this book, man. It has blown me away. Everything about it is perfect. There are twists, there are the most amazing characters and the coolest, most original world-building I’ve encountered in a long, long time. Actually, I can’t think of anything quite as refreshing that didn’t also come from Jemisin’s brain. Give me the sequel already, I can’t wait to find out what happens next to these beloved characters.

Publication date: August 2016

Sarah Porter – Vassa in the Nightvassa in the night

An author I’ve never heard of before so not something I’d naturally freak out about. But a book description that starts with “In the enchanted kingdom of Brooklyn…” and then promises magic and Baba Yaga (Babs Yagg) is just begging to sit on my shelf. I love retellings and I love Russian fairy tales. So give me Vasilisa, give me Baba Yaga, and let’s not forget that beautiful cover which is partly responsible for my excitement.

Publication date: September 2016

Becky Chaclosed and common orbitmbers – A Closed and Commom Orbit

Another sequel, one to the amazing, make-you-warm-and-fuzzy-inside The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet. It introduced the crew of the Wayfarer, a super cool space ship with even cooler people living on it. I’m pretty much okay with whatever Becky Chambers has in store for Lovey and Pepper, who I’ve come to love in the first book and who will be the protagonists in this new story. Chambers writes with heart and great care for her characters and I can’t wait to wrap this book around my brain like a cozy blanket on a cold day.

Publication date: October 2016

Scott Lynch – The Thorn of Emberlainthorn of emberlain

A new Locke Lamora!!!! It was a long wait between the second and third book in this amazeballs series and while The Republic of Thieves disappointed in the romance department, it was full of witty banter, clever cons, and a few twists that turned my world upside down. I desperately want to know more about the things uncovered in the last book and I always want more Locke Lamora.

Publication date: September 2016

last days of new parisChina Miéville – The Last Days of New Paris

A new China Miéville book is always reason for excitement. I’m really bad at catching up on his backlist because his books are just so damn big. But I have yet to read anything bad by Miéville so I’m going to get this book as soon as it’s out. I mean, Paris in 1941, Surrealist fighters, streets that are “stalked by living images and texts” – how could I resist? This sounds like dream and nightmare fuel alike and since it’s written by China Miéville I think I’m in for a treat again.

Publication date: August 2016

Brian K. Vaughan, Fiona Staples – Saga Volume 6saga volume 6

Saga has been continuously excellent with the last collected volume one of the stand-out great ones. I pre-order these things as soon as they’re listed on Amazon and then forget about them until they show up surprisingly in the mail. But that doesn’t mean I don’t look forward to every new instalment in my favorite comic book series. What started as an interplanetary Romeo and Juliet has grown so much bigger, with a cast that I absolutely love, heroes and villains alike, and a world that offers so much more room for exploration. I also appreciate that the dream team Vaughan and Staples have stuck together to work on this. Let’s never stop, okay?

Publication date: July 2016 (so soon, yay!)

accident of starsFoz Meadows – An Accident of Stars

I have loved Foz Meadows’ non-fiction writing for a while so, naturally, I’m curious to see her fiction. With a cover like that – what are these people riding and where can I get one for myself? – and a portal fantasy description, I am giddy with excitement. Add to that four women protagonists, and I don’t even mind the otherwise fairly standard-sounding plot of world-saving. For some reason, I don’t think Meadows will go the tropey route of girl saves world so I want to book just to find out how she’ll subvert the tropes and stereotypes of the genre.

Publication date: August 2016

Angela Slatter – A Feast of Sorrowsfeast of sorrows

A new thing by Angela Slatter!!! *heavy breathing* If you missed it, Angela Slatter is my newest author crush. I shall devour all that she writes forever and ever. This is a collection of short fiction, so there will probably be some tales I’ve read already. But it also includes two brand-new novellas so I cannot miss it. Plus, Slatter got another great cover that immediately makes you think Snow White… a very dark version of Snow White. Which is just how I like it.

Publication date: October 2016

nevernight1Jay Kristoff – Nevernight

I’m on the fence. I had mixed feelings about Jay Kristoff’s debut novel, but I’ve been super excited about the acclaimed Illuminae (which he co-wrote with Amie Kauffman). Now this new book sounds amazing and has a wonderful cover to boot. There are so many buzzwords in the description: a “city built from the bones of a dead god“, “a land where three suns almost never set“, assassin schools, a protagonist who has to beat her opponents in “contests of steel, poison and the subtle arts“… aaaargh okay I give up, I want this book!

Publication date: August 2016

sex criminals volume threeMatt Fraction, Chip Zdarsky – Sex Criminals Volume 3

Another comic book series that I just pre-order without even reading the description anymore. The first volume was just wonderful in its depiction of a relationship between two extraordinary humans who thought they were all alone in the world. And then Matt Fraction started really playing around in this world he’s created. There are many more secrets to discover, the characters still have a lot of growth in them and there is always room for more humor (glowing genitalia aside).

Publication date: June 2016 (next week!)

So these are my most anticipated releases for the second half of 2016, although I’m sure there are more to come. What books are you looking forward to?

6 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday – Top Ten Most Anticipated Releases For The Second Half Of The Year

  1. Jenny @ Reading the End says:

    Ooh, I need to catch up on Sex Criminals! I have the big hardback volume of the first two trade paperbacks (does that make sense?), so I want to watch for the next big hardback to come out before I buy more — which is probably way off in the future. But in the meantime I do want to catch up on the issues. It’s such a weird and great story, I legitimately have no idea where they’re planning to take it.


    • Dina says:

      That totally makes sense. I’m collecting the hardback copies of Fables and, although the series as such is finished, the hardback editions are still being published and I’m nowhere near finished reading the series.

      Sex Criminals is seriously weird. But good weird, I guess. I’m also looking forward to new twists. A story that can still surprise you after a premise like THIS is a story to follow. 🙂


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