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Hello everyone! My hiatus is still ongoing, although I am sorting out my life and things are looking much more positive at the moment. I won’t be posting much for the next couple of weeks because – drumroll – it’s Worldcon!!! And because things have to get back on track sometime, I am joining another reading challenge by the wonderfully creative Aentee from Read at Midnight. It will start on August 13th, just as Worldcon ends.

This challenge lasts for an entire month, so although I may be starting late, I will have enough time to catch up on all the books I neglected these last two months. As you may have guessed, although I pretty much stopped reading and reviewing, I have been busily buying new books the entire time and my TBR has reached heights that I would call seriously threatening.

The Reading Quest is based on a bingo card but because Aentee is awesome, you don’t just read books to fill the card willy-nilly, you must pick a character type and then follow their particular quest. I decided to go with the mage because obviously. Mages read books based on myth and fantasy, but if I manage to actually finish my mage quest, I might try the Bard next, because that one gets a fairy tale retelling quest.

MAGE: As wielders of spells and witchcraft, these players will conjure and summon their way through the First Down path on the quest. Their tomes contain magic and whispers of alternate lands.

Along with the separate Character Class quest levels (Purple Squares), the centre of the Quest Board is a conglomeration of Side Quests (Blue Squares)! Complete these challenges to earn extra points and bonus experience for your character.

Like the Dumbledore’s Army read-a-thon (which I enjoyed enormously), there are tons of points to collect but I won’t tell you all the rules here – it can feel a little overwhelming and I will tally up my points at the very end this time. Keeping track is just too much work. For all the details, simply visit Read at Midnight, which also includes an FAQ section on the challenge. I do love that there are extra points for reading marginalised authors, however.

Aaaaand the most interesting bit for me is of course my planned TBR pile for this challenge.

Main quest

If I manage to get even close to finishing the main quest, we can start talking about side quests. For now, here is my reading plan, in no particular order.

  • A book with a one word title: Molly Tanzer – Vermilion
    Pretty self-explanatory, this book has a title that is one word. It’s also on one of my challenge lists for this year, so I better get going.
  • A book that contains magic: Nicky Drayden – The Prey of Gods
    Androids and gods are involved in this Science Fantasy (?) novel set in South Africa. This sounds so awesome, I almost can’t wait. Plus that cover is both terrifying and beautiful.
  • A book based on mythology: Guadalupe Garciá McCall – Summer of the Mariposas
    Based on the Odyssey, except this is a retelling with girl protagonists. Yay!
  • A book set in a different world: Callie Bates – The Waking Land
    Set in a secondary world, and involving (presumably) lots of magic. I picked it up because trusted people said it’s uplifting, hopeful fantasy like The Goblin Emperor and Uprooted.
  • The first book of a series: Leena Likitano – Five Daughters of the Moon
    It’s only going to be a duology but hey, it’s a series starter. I’ve been excited for this for months. The Russian setting, the fairy tale flavor, the striking cover. Gimme!

As I said, I probably won’t post during this coming week, as I’ll be busy exploring Worldcon and attending the Hugo Awards ceremony. But I plan to start reading for this challenge as soon as it begins, and I’ll let you know about my progress as it goes. Happy reading everyone!


ETA: I killed my e-reader so my personal challenge will start on Friday, 17th August, when the new one arrives. I am such an idiot! But hey, this way it’s even more of a challenge, I guess.







4 thoughts on “#TheReadingQuest Sign Up

  1. Tammy says:

    I have four out of five of these books on my TBR as well (all but Summer of the Mariposas) so great choices! Good luck with the challenge. I was tempted to do it myself, but I’m pretty busy too and challenges just seem overwhelming right now.


  2. Glaiza says:

    I didn’t realise The Summer of the Mariposas was based on the odyssey! Will definitely check it out at some point. I’m taking the Rogue’s path but the Mage’s path was definitely tempting. Also, so jealous of everyone who is as World Con (or any SFF con). Though I hope it’s a lot fun!


  3. jazzfeathers says:

    So happy to see you back 🙂
    And that challenge sounds amazing. If I weren’t already up to my head with two other challanges, I’d probably join.
    All your chosen books sounds awesome.


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