Magical Readathon: Spring Equinox 2023 – Careers, Prompts, and My Tentative TBR

The Magical Readathon is back and although I haven’t had ANY time to catch up on reviews or blog posts of any kind, I am participating in this event with my character Sistani. She’s going for the next level in her Scribe career at Orilium Academy, she’s making a name for herself within her Guild, the Archivists, and she (meaning: me) is looking forward to her well planned out TBR. If you don’t know what the hell I’m talking about, G from the Book Roast on YouTube explains all in her video:

Orilium Spring Equinox 2023

So, like every year, we will spend one entire month reading books that fit the prompts going with individual classes. Which classes you take at this magical academy depends on your career choice.

Career Choice

Last year, I managed to finish the Spring Equinox with two potential careers, but I didn’t finish all the classes for both during the Autumn Equinox (being super pregnant kind of messed with my reading plans). But that’s perfectly fine, because two careers were never really realistic and technically, you are supposed to choose one career per character and I never made a second character. So I’ll go all the way to finish my Scribe career which offers (to me) the perfect balance between challenging and doable when it comes to the prompts and number of books needed to be finished.


It comes as very little surprise that I chose a career that has to do with collecting and writing down knowledge for future generations. This also fits my character Sistani, who loves to be surrounded by people, travel the world, and learn new things. Just because you know how to have fun doesn’t mean you can’t also have an organized mind and want things to be written down neatly. So if we achieve this career goal, I see Sistani traveling all over Aeldia, meeting new and interesting people from all over, listening to their spells and stories, and collecting them in tomes upon tomes upon tomes.
For this career I need to pass the following classes:

  • Elemental Studies
  • Inscription
  • Spells & Incantations
  • Restoration
  • Lore

During the Autumn Equinox, I will have to read a total of seven books to qualify for this carer.

Classes and Reading Prompts

This year’s Spring classes are a mix of kind and difficult. Some prompts offer almost too many choices, others very few and I’m curious to see how I handle my book picks. As always, you can find the full syllabus linked here on Google Drive, I am only listing the classes and prompts here that I need to fulfill for my career of choice.

ClassReading PromptBook
Elemental Studiesflowers on the coverHeather Fawcett – Emily Wilde’s Encyclopaedia of Faeries
Inscriptiona book fro mthe top shelfLeigh Bardugo – Hell Bent
Spells & Incantationsbetween 389 and 415 pagesTJ Klune – Under the Whispering Door
Restorationclose your eyes, point at a bookWendy Higgins – The Great Hunt
Lorea book with a mapHannah Kaner – Godkiller

I am looking forward to all of these books and it was mostly easy to choose one fo reach prompt. However, the random book choice (I used my fiancé as my random book generator) could go either way. But if I bounce off the book, I’ll just have him choose something else.

My Readathon TBR

My TBR this year is mostly set and I don’t believe I’ll need to switch books a lot. But you never know what happens and which books work for you or don’t. Thankfully, I have a large enough TBR to find something else should I need to.

My Character

(I’m just copying this from last year)
As the daughter of an Iltirian and an Elf, Sistani is a rather unusual girl, especially considering that she grew up in a bustling city on Kerador, surrounded by all sorts of cultures and people. Her childhood has instilled upon her a love for meeting new people, learning their languages and cultural habits, and generally being open to new experiences. She is rather quirky for a Half-Iltirian and rather uninterested in the moon for a Half-Elf but then, who doesn’t rebel against their parents when they are young?

Sistani is passionate about the written word but she also loves solving riddles and being clever. Whether it’s training and managing to run a particularly difficult obstacle course or solving a puzzle, her ambition usually grants her the strength to pursue her goals single-mindedly. She has been called a know-it-all on more than one occasion…

Unsurprising, she was chosen to join the Guild of Archivists who get full access to the amazing underground library of Orilium Academy. Here are the traits I have achieved through participating in readathons so far:

  • Half-Iltirian, Half-Elf
  • Urban from Kerador
  • Archivist
    • bonded to the goddess Ausra
    • Conduit is a staff
  • working to get a baby poof-otter this year

Now let’s use this coming month to turn her into a Scribe and level up her status within the Guild. I cannot wait to see you all at Orilium Academy! Happy reading, everyone. 🙂


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