My #WyrdAndWonder TBR

It’s finally time for another Wyrd and Wonder! Maybe this year, I’ll actually manage to participate to the extent I want to. In order to get things going, as it were, let’s start with that most hopeful of posts: the planned TBR.

As always, I’ll reserve the right to swap any and all books from this list as the month goes on. I have met myself, after all, and know I can’t be trusted with a reading plan that’s too static. I always start with the best intentions but then some shiny new book catches my eye or I remember that I’ve been menaing to read one particular book for aaaages and should really get on that and… you know how it goes.

Magic portal artwork by Tithi Luadthong

What I plan on reading in May

Some books just pick themselves, others are part of my tentative reading plan for the month. Either way, I’m excited.

  • Adrian Tchaikovsky – Children of Ruin
  • Emily Tesh – Some Desperate Glory
  • Nghi Vo – Into the Riverlands
  • H. G. Parry – The Magician’s Daughter
  • Kelly Barnhill – When Women Were Dragons
  • Danielle L. Jensen – The Bridge Kingdom

Yes, there’s some science fiction in my fantasy. The Sword & Laser Podcast picked Adrian Tchaikovsky’s Children of Time as the May book pick and, since I’ve already read that, I’m going to pick up the sequel, Children of Ruin. I was only lukewarm on the first book (as, it seems, the only person on the entire internet!) but I’m willing to give the next one a try.
I’ve been looking forward to Emily Tesh’s Some Desperate Glory for a while, but early reviews have pushed it up even further on my most anticipated list. Plus, I’ll be getting a copy on a subscription box and I suspect the book will be quite pretty as well as tell a good story.

Aaaaaand with that we get back into Wyrd and Wonder territory. I would like to continue reading Nghi Vo‘s wonderful Singing Hills Cycle with Into the Riverlands, I am hyped for Kelly Barnhill’s When Women Were Dragons, especially since I ust read her novella The Crane Husband and was deeply impressed. And I’ve got the audiobook of The Bridge Kingdom of which I have heard many good things. The cover is… not very appealing to me, but wasn’t there some kind of lesson about juding books by their covers or something? Right, I’m trying to be an adult and give it a try. I suspect it will be just up my alley and I’m feeling the cozy, romantic, steamy fantasy books lately. Plus, fantasy politics. Give me all of those!
The Magician’s Daughter by H. G. Parry is a predicted five-star-read, not only because it sounds like something I might love, but because Alix E. Harrow (of Ten Thousand Doors and Once and Future Witches fame) recommended it on Instagram in such a way that made me immediately go out and buy it. I don’t recall her exact words but they worked on me like a charm.

And on that highly motivated note, let me wish us all a fantastic month of reading, writing, and chatting about books, and simply enjoying this Wyrd and Wonder event together. Thank you very much to the gracious hosts who make this celebration of fantasy books possible. Happy reading, everyone! 🙂

Flying witch artwork by astromoali

7 thoughts on “My #WyrdAndWonder TBR

  1. azucchi says:

    That is an epic TBR! I have had my eye on When Women Were Dragons for a while but I’m worried I’d have too high of an expectation… I look forward to seeing your thoughts on it!

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