Lists + Challenges

I don’t know if it’s a book nerd thing or if I’m simply OCD enough to really enjoy writing lists. Crossing things off my to-read lists gives me great pleasure and thanks to other people who feel alike, literature offers enough lists to last me a lifetime.

I have condensed all my current challenges on one page: 2017 Reading Challenges.

My ongoing quest to discover more of the world via books can be followed in the Read Around the World challenge. No end date, no strict rules, just go travelling around through the pages of books.

And let’s not forget all the award winning and nominated books I intend to read some day. However, I have noticed that if I challenge myself with reading, say 10 books that won a specific award per year, the self-inflicted pressure actually makes me want to NOT read them. So it’s a no-pressure challenge that may go on for however long it likes.

In case you’re as nutty as me about lists and checking  books off lists: Worlds Without End is a really good page to keep track of how far you’ve progressed on award winners or best-of lists .