Read Around the World

I feel that – even though I read mostly fantasy and science fiction – my horizons could use broadening. And because when I read fiction, it is usually set in Western Europe or North America, I should try and discover new places. If I can’t afford to travel to far-away places, I might at least read about them, right?

This personal challenge has been going on in my life for a while already. There isn’t really a goal, just the ongoing quest of learning a bit more about the world and delving into more diverse territories. Alternate histories, fantasy books set in a country very similar to a real place, as well as historical and contemporary novels all count. If there is no link to a review , I haven’t read the book yet but plan to. You know… sometime.

Anybody is welcome to join in!

My literary travels around the world








  • Brazil: Alaya Dawn Johnson – The Summer Prince
  • Mexico: Guadalupe Garcia McCall – Summer of the Mariposas
  • Mexico: Aliette de Bodard – Servant of the Underworld
  • Mexico: Silvia Moreno-García – Signal to Noise

A good page to help you find the next location for your reading trip around the world is Books Set In…, a search engine that lets you pick a continent, region, country, or even city and gives you books set in that place. Doing a few searches, I found out that my TBR pile actually offers a lot more places than I had expected. Give it a try.

P.S.: I include cities when a story is set only in that city, or parts of countries or even larger, unspecific areas, depending on the book’s setting. Of course, me being a fantasy reader, many of the countries featured here are alternate versions of our real-world counterparts. Let’s not be too finicky about it, this is meant to be fun, after all.











2 thoughts on “Read Around the World

  1. Redhead says:

    wonderful plan! I too am trying to broaden my horizons, either reading books that take place in (what to my midwestern US eyes) is an unusual place, and seeking out authors from non-English speaking countries.


    • Nadine says:

      Then we’re in the same boat. Although I’m Austrian, most of what I read is set in exactly those parts of the planet you talk about. The US, maybe England, very rarely anything out of Europe or North America.
      But I’m getting there and so far I’m enjoying my trips immensely (hey, if you can’t travel in real life, at least books show you new aspects of the world). Maybe I’ll meet you along the way in the desert or on an island in the Pacific. 🙂


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