Reading Resolutions for 2012 – the second half

I realise it’s already mid-August and all but I feel the need to organise my reading life a little more. I’ve tried sticking strictly to a number of books I set myself and that didn’t work, and I’ve tried not making any plans at all and just reading whatever I felt like and that didn’t work either. So this is where the obsessively organised half of my brain meets the chaotically emotional half (that’s the half that picks books by cover, just so you know) and make a list that is not a plan, not a monthly theme but a sort of guideline: my reading resolutions for the second half of 2012.

The Killing Moon (read 19th September 2012)
The Shadowed Sun

I’m 100 pages away from the end of the Inheritance Trilogy by the same author and while I didn’t love all of the first book, the second one took my heart by storm. Number 3 (review coming soon) reads a bit chaotic but it’s nonetheless cemented my love for Miss Jemisin’s writing style. I am actually dreading the time when I’ve finished all of her published books and have to wait for something new like all the other people – one of the advantages of coming to a hyped series or author later than everybody else…


I like me some steampunk anytime and this is Victorian age steampunk in the north polar regions. I’ve been looking for a copy in French but either the internet has failed me completely or this book has only been published in translation. That is a sad thing for my language skills (I could have used a big novel in French again) but I won’t be picky. Plus, the cover is brilliant and reminds me a little of Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials trilogy.


A young girl gets sent off to an island because pink marks have appeared on her skin. Moloka’i is where the lepers are sent to be kept away from the rest of the people. I have been told this book requires a large box of tissues. I like when books make me feel strongly enough about characters to make me cry but I also find the setting appealing. Vienna is beautiful and all, but I can’t help but wish for more exotic places sometimes, with a burning sun, sandy beaches and palm trees. We’ll see if this book delivers all things promised.

BRANDON SANDERSON – THE MISTBORN TRILOGY (plus that fourth one, there)

I’ve been listening to Sanderson’s podcast for ages and I really like him and everything he has to say about writing. Also, his books (except maybe Elantris) have gotten nothing but praise and I finally want to know what it’s all about. The premise of Mistborn sounds intriguing and people say it’s got one of the most original magic systems ever. Also, compared to some of the other unread series I have standing here, this is a small one. (still haven’t read a single Wheel of Time book…)


It was McSweeney’s that drew my attention to the book, stating that it’s okay how the title spoils the book (Skippy does die, after all). I have trusted McSweeney’s recommendations for years and Dave Eggers hasn’t disappointed me yet. The other reason I’m so eager to read this is the Kirkus review of this book. They said this irrisistible thing about the book:

If Harry Potter lived in an alternate Ireland, had no real magical powers but talked a good game, and fell all over himself every time he saw a girl, he might well belong in this splendid, sardonic magnum opus.

DODIE SMITH – I CAPTURE THE CASTLE (read 12th September 2012)

I actually switched off the movie half an hour into the story because it was so good and so up my alley that I had to read the book first. Two sisters, the less pretty one telling their story, falling in love with two men while living in a castle and their dad being a writer who doesn’t write. Plus, it’s being recommended from everyone who’s ever read it and Vintage put a really pretty cover on it. (You see, the emotional half of my brain clearly has more to say in this post that the other one)


  • Finish The Dark Tower series (3 books to go, 4 if you count the new one)
  • Read 2 books in French
  • Read a few classics
  • Read 1 book in Spanish (already got a reading group set on Zafón’s Príncipe de la Niebla)
  • Read more Terry Pratchett
  • Read something by China Miéville
  • Read one book in Swedish

So what are your resolutions? Do you have any or do you go with whatever book you feel like? If you have any recommendations for my French/Spanish books, I’d be extremely welcome. My French is good enough to understand literary fiction and classics (if it’s not too difficult), my Spanish is still limited to YA and children’s books.